Nabla Corporation

Founded in march 2021, Nabla Corporation is a company aimed at providing high quality, realistic, easy to configure scripts for FiveM.
I have been coding since 2016 on FiveM mainly in LUA. I created multiple servers from scratch (RP, Events, Zombie, BattleRoyale).
The prefered method is through a ticket on our Discord (see banner above for a link).
You can also contact us via email (see banner above for a link)
Unless mentioned otherwise, all of our scripts are encrypted using FiveM Asset Escrow
We are doing this to ensure the best customer support on our scripts and to prevent theft of intellectual property


Tebex will send you an email shortly after your purchase.
It will contain an option to redeem it through Asset Manager (FiveM), click on the link it will grant you access to the script.
You can then head to your Granted Assets to download the script.
Unzip the script, put it in your resources folder and add start SCRIPT_NAME to the server.cfg.
If the script doesn't start check Script doesn't start.
By default, only some users will have access to the script, to configure who does check How does the whitelist system works ?.
When an update is available a message will be displayed in your server logs.
You can see the content of the update on the product page of this website (in the "Features" tab).

To update it :
Head to keymaster to download the updated script
Make a copy of your current files
Delete the old script folder
Unzip the updated script and place it in your resource folder
Add your config by using a diff tool (git / meld / WinMerge / ...) or comparing line by line, file by file


The config file is located in Shared/shared.lua. It contains comments explaining every option.
If something is unclear do not hesitate to contact us.
There is unencrypted code in the Custom folder, you can modify it to your liking but we will not provide support for it.
The config file contains default keybind for every action that the script does.
Each player can modify it by in-game by going into their Settings > Key Bindings > FiveM
However, as this is a default keybind, players who already joined the server will not see that keybind change.
They need to unbind it using unbindall in the F8 console and then join the server again.
To add player / job to the whitelist, you can modify Shared/shared.lua.
The whitelist system is open-source and contained inside the Custom folder. You can add support for your framework if needed.
It is preconfigured for ESX, QB-Core, ACE and user identifiers (steam, discord, licences).
To enable/disable the whitelist, open Shared/shared.lua and set WhiteListEnabled to true or false

Script doesn't start

Your server artifacts are likely outdated. Update your server to version 5562 or above.
If you're uploading with FileZilla, make sure the encoding of the file stays the same.
If you modified a file, make sure that it doesn't contain any error using this lua validator
The user who generated the license key for the server must be the same who bought the script on Tebex.
Try restarting your server and make sure your server license key is correct.
If you bought the resource on the wrong account, you can transfer it to another account on keymaster.
Files were possibly corrupted during transfer. Ensure hidden files are copied. The .fxap file in a protected resource must be included. Some FTP programs skip these files.