Turn Signals


This scripts allows for very efficient vehicle signals sync It uses State Bags instead of events and are therefor extremely light on the network

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✅ Turn signals
✅ Network sync (Uses StateBags, not heavy on the network at all)
⚠️ Uses FiveM Asset Escrow system
⚠️ Requires OneSync (Not working with OneSync Legacy)
Keybind / Command Action
Activate left turn signal
Activate right turn signal
Activate hazards lights


✅ Bugfix GetNetworkObject


✅ Add export to disable keybind (while in menus for example) : exports.VehicleSignal:DisableBind(true)
✅ ESX disable keybind while in menus
✅ Add option to disable the "No vehicle" notification


✅ Network synced signal

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  • NorseLegend


    Like : Both scripts work great and the support is spot on.
    Dislike : Price was a bit more than I wanted to spend but very much worth it.